The perfect mix of bamboo

and recycled paper

To make wood you don’t need a tree

Reducing pollution
Composed of FSC®-certified materials
Water saving
Made in Italy
High fire retardant performance

In accordance with nature, bamboo and recycled cardboard.
Respects the principle of circular economy, does not destroy our planet.


Why this material was born

Climate change is close to our hearts, the future of humanity too.

We brought our technical expertise to bear in order to make our contribution to the turnaround.

To create something that would not destroy the planet, but preserve its resources while making us live comfortable lives surrounded by uniquely designed objects.


What makes Papembood® special


Papembood® in the color of your choice!


How can I get Papembood®

If you are also a lover of design with a focus on the planet then leave your details and you will be contacted


What people are saying about Papembood®

What do those who have decided to use this material to furnish their home, garden or store say.


I was really impressed with the quality of Papembood garden supplies. My garden is now an oasis of eco-friendly beauty! The chairs, tables and benches are sturdy and well made- I am proud to say that my garden is environmentally friendly. I look forward to spending more time outdoors with my family.

– Marco S.


As the owner of a vegan restaurant, caring for the planet in all its life forms is paramount to me. I wanted this value to be conveyed not only in my kitchen, but in every aspect of my restaurant, and when I met Diego and Caterina, I felt immediately understood. Their expertise has been a guide in tailoring the supplies to my restaurant’s needs and the customers appreciate it. Thanks a lot guys, an investment that is also an ethical as well as a moral choice.

– Viola G.


In our office in the heart of Florence, attention to sustainability is paramount. We purchased these supplies to furnish our workspace and could not be more pleased. In addition to reflecting our dedication to the environment, they add a touch of Italian elegance and minimalism to the office. The quality is unquestionable, and we have received numerous compliments from our clients. It is a choice that fits perfectly with our commitment to sustainability and innovation.

– Stefano T.


I just furnished my children’s bedroom entirely with Papembood. Safety and the environment always come first when it comes to my little ones, and these supplies offer both. The design is adorable and the materials are durable, so I know they will last a long time. My kids love their new nursery, and I love that we are doing something good for the planet while they enjoy this special space.

– Chen X.