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philosophy as a key in research

From day Zero we decided that Papembood® would be our contribution against
the deterioration of our planet


Two technicians with an eye toward the future

We are Caterina Baldi, architect, and Diego Pagni, surveyor. Together, we founded Studio Pagni Baldi 5 years ago, in Massa e Cozzile in the province of Pistoia, where we deal with
planning and design.

We have been working for many years in the field of architecture and interior and exterior design, creating projects and furnishing spaces for our clients.

In recent years, the choice of furniture, has often fallen on solid wood, because it is a durable, chemical-free material and therefore not harmful to health.

One day, however, we asked ourselves: is there a way that is just as safe and durable, but more sustainable for the planet?

The sad fact of the matter is that the answer to that question was a no!

Out of this conflict with one of our priorities, on the one hand, to be able to make quality and durable products, and on the other, to combat deforestation and climate change as much as possible, Papembood® was born.

A material that apparently looks like wood, with the same mechanical and physical characteristics, but for its production does not involve the felling of any trees.
On the contrary, it makes the planet breathe thanks to the characteristics of bamboo.

Over two years of research, design and prototyping.

Papembood® is the result of our vision, of how we would like the world to change for us and for new generations.

To make wood you don't need a tree

An innovative solution without compromising the environment and your furniture.


It reconciles technical requirements with functional requirements to make
any environment enveloping, harmonious and bright.


Its components are totally sustainable is environmentally friendly, decomposable and recyclable.


By combining different materials including bamboo, Papembood® is a sustainable alternative for furnishing spaces.


How can I get Papembood®

If you are also a lover of design with a focus on the planet then leave your details and you will be contacted