To make wood

you don't need a tree

A new material that meets the needs of our planet and the world of design:

a conscious and environmentally sustainable choice.

It combines technical requirements with functional needs to make any space welcoming, harmonious and bright.
Zero impact
Its parts are totally sustainable, environmentally friendly, compostable and recyclable.
By combining different materials including bamboo, Papembood® is a sustainable alternative for furnishing spaces.
Like any furniture surface, Papembood® can be customized in color and finish thickness.
Arredo ufficio Papembood®


From the layering of recycled paper and bamboo wood comes Papembood®

A multilayer panel created as a response to a problem we are suffering from: climate change. 

Papembood® is new material derived from the overlay of colored recycled cardboard and a bamboo wood.

Based on Eco-Design principles Papembood® is innovative, sustainable, recyclable and disassemblable.



It is a plant whose height can reach 20 meters and is neither cultivated nor intensively exploited because it grows spontaneously and independently.

Its characteristics make it a flexible yet durable material, so it is perfect for surfaces

Only one acre of bamboo is needed to produce 1,000 ft of material versus 12 acres of wood.


Recycled paper

Paper can be recycled an infinite number of times, thus turning a waste into a resource

This means a reduced amount of accumulated paper waste, a recycling process that always uses the same water, and most importantly, less deforestation.

In recent decades, paper production have increased dramatically. Think of the packaging used for online stores and how much paper packaging is produced to replace the more harmful plastic.



Inside your home or in your garden, for the children’s room, for the office or to furnish your store or restaurant.

You imagine it and we make it happen.


Effort and pursuit as synonymous with sustainability

An extraordinary and completely unexpected achievement!
that opened our eyes to the importance of what we have been promising ourselves since the day we started designing Papembood®. 

We were awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2023, the world’s most prestigious Design Award in the Best of the Best category for sustainability.


That's why we take a circular approach

The situation of our ecosystems is really dramatic because of both consumerism and the fast economy. We see the circular economy as the model of the future: it reduces waste, promotes recycling and conserves resources. Environmental and economic sustainability meet, creating a better world.

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Revenue 2022 of the furniture industry
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tons of furniture thrown into landfills (U.S. data)
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water needed to produce a cardboard box
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Cubic meters of wood imported from Italy for furniture production.


How can I have a piece of furniture made with Papembood®

If you are also a lover of design with a focus on the planet then leave your details and you will be contacted


What people are saying about Papembood®

What do those who have decided to use this material to furnish their home, garden or store say.


I was really impressed with the quality of Papembood garden supplies. My garden is now an oasis of eco-friendly beauty! The chairs, tables and benches are sturdy and well made- I am proud to say that my garden is environmentally friendly. I look forward to spending more time outdoors with my family.

– Marco S.


As the owner of a vegan restaurant, caring for the planet in all its life forms is paramount to me. I wanted this value to be conveyed not only in my kitchen, but in every aspect of my restaurant, and when I met Diego and Caterina, I felt immediately understood. Their expertise has been a guide in tailoring the supplies to my restaurant’s needs and the customers appreciate it. Thanks a lot guys, an investment that is also an ethical as well as a moral choice.

– Viola G.


In our office in the heart of Florence, attention to sustainability is paramount. We purchased these supplies to furnish our workspace and could not be more pleased. In addition to reflecting our dedication to the environment, they add a touch of Italian elegance and minimalism to the office. The quality is unquestionable, and we have received numerous compliments from our clients. It is a choice that fits perfectly with our commitment to sustainability and innovation.

– Stefano T.


I just furnished my children’s bedroom entirely with Papembood. Safety and the environment always come first when it comes to my little ones, and these supplies offer both. The design is adorable and the materials are durable, so I know they will last a long time. My kids love their new nursery, and I love that we are doing something good for the planet while they enjoy this special space.

– Chen X.